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Female-Based Practices–
Helping women rebalance reproductive system & understand internal mechanisms of healthy living and sexuality. 

  • Dinacharya (Daily Routine)

  • Gentle Hatha Yoga

  • Prāṇāyāma for Internal Awareness

  • Simple Herbs

Developing your personal meditation practice

  • Guided Meditation

  • Chakra Explorations

  • Chanting

  • Breathing Practices

  • Disciplined Study of
    Sacred Texts & Self

Individualized yoga asana
practice specializing in–

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Athletes with Injuries

  • Other Healing Crises

  • Non-Dual Practices

  • Heart-Centered Practices

My daily teachings include meditation, yoga, therapeutic & healing work, tantric & vedic studies, addiction & injury recovery, and lots of love, dedication & joy. Some choose to include acting, music, or movement studies with our work too. I continue to teach by donation, allowing each of you to decide on your own personal commitment to your journey inward and the consequential unfolding outward into the alive, pulsing world. 

I mostly work mostly one-on-one, but also with couples to guide their journey to becoming healthier and happier. If you want to be freer, more open, loving, and spontaneous- think, see & feel more clearly- come see me for a consultation. Become healthier... balance your heart, your mind, your body, and your life. Live fuller, breathe deeper, become more alive, focused, and compassionate. Energizing, relaxing, releasing, strengthening, lengthening, centering, rejuvenating, balancing.

Whether you have never explored this path before or have an ongoing deep practice– or are interested in meditation, yoga asana practice, yoga as a way of life, learning about your own breath, mind & heart. Let's explore!

I am also a healer and initiated into studied in the vedas, if this speaks to your soul. For the sake of clarity, I do not offer tantric massage or sexual exchange. That is explicitly "western tantra" which is not what I practice or teach. However I am happy to speak with you about relationship or sexual issues and offer guidance or appropriate practices.

I realize there are many questions about what a a session entails. It is a very free, alive, electric, disciplined way of life. Every meeting has the potential to move in any direction. Generally some meditation is practiced, sometimes we talk the entire time, emotions and physical blocks may be released, energy will surely be exchanged; we may do yoga asana, chant, dance, sing, share long moments of silence...  I will be able to elucidate this further when we meet. The mysteries of tantra may take many lifetimes to unfurl. 

I offer my guidance, my healing, our sessions on a by donation basis (see Teaching Policies for more about this and donation link). If you have the money, my rate if $100/hour. Otherwise, you offer whatever you can afford. Don't let money be an issue; reach out to me if the curiosity is there. You are here reading this for a reason. You will find a way to give me what payment you feel is appropriate. You may also choose to make an offer to the altar: flowers, candles, incense, organic fruits/vegetables, all will be lovingly received. 

I am located in the West 70's in Manhattan and generally have appointment slots on weekday mornings or afternoons and weekends. Please include your preferred times. After our first session, I will let you know if and how we will proceed from there.