Please give at least 48 hours notice by email, text or phone if you need to change or cancel an appointment. Otherwise donation or other payment will still be expected. 

Ayurveda: You only pay for medicines and food, which are quite affordable. No monetary donations are currently accepted for Ayurvedic treatments. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about this. Appointments are available mornings or afternoons.

Meditation/Yoga: I offer guidance and healing in our sessions on a by-donation basis. If you have the money, my rate is $100/hour. Otherwise, you may pay me any other amount that suits your financial reality. Money is not an issue– even if you cannot afford much, reach out to me if the curiosity is there. You are here reading this for a reason. You will find a way to give me what payment you feel is appropriate. I have a donation plate I ask that you place the offering in after each session. You may also choose to make an offering to the altar: flowers, candles, incense, organic fruits/vegetables, all will be lovingly received. 

Massage: sliding scale between $80-$150/hour (only available to standing students)

Piano/Singing/Acting: 45 minute rate is $65. One hour is $80. If this does not fit into your budget, feel free to make me another offer. Also, for very young children, I understand a smaller financial commitment. In the beginning, and from time-to-time there will be a small cost for lesson books. 

Typically people just leave cash in the donation tray. But I can accept all forms of payment. Cash, check, credit card, or Paypal ( You may pay at the time of the session or beforehand if that is easier for you. By the session, or in monthly installments depending on number of sessions. 

My studios are located in the West 70's and downtown on West 14th Street. I teach and mornings, afternoons and early evenings. Weekdays and weekends. Please to try to schedule as far ahead of time as your schedule permits. Sometimes last minute appointments work, so it's worth a try but of course can't be relied upon as a general modus operandus.

Generally when first arranging a session, it is best for you to send me 2 or 3 preferred options that could work for you and I can usually fit one into my schedule. After our first session, we can decide if and how to proceed from there. Most of my regular students see me weekly. And others every other week or periodically.  

**Please do not arrive early. I am often with another student or scheduled otherwise until the last minute. If you know you will be early, text to see if I am available. But do feel free to text me and let me know when you are on your way, nearby, or if you are running late. 

Whatever you are comfy in! I keep the studio at a comfortable temperature. You may change here. If you wish to shower here before or after, just let me know ahead of time. You want to feel clean when you practice yoga and moreso give the respect to your practice that it deserves.

You may bring your own mat, if you wish. But I have a nice mat here for you to use. Practice will be done barefoot.

Meditation, yoga and massage sessions are usually 45-90 minutes. I prefer to be a little fluid with our time, taking more or less time each session, unless either of our schedules do not permit this flexibility on any given day.

Initial Ayurveda appointments are 1.5–2 hours. Follow-ups tend to be shorter.

Voice, piano and acting lessons are 45 minutes or 1 hour. I prefer to teach at your home and try to find a regular weekly lesson time, unless coachings are less often.

Thank you.