Theatre Company in New York City under the artistic direction of Carlo Altomare


To develop the art and presence of the living actor as the essential distinguishing factor in the theatre proper. To recognize that the presence of the audience as a living public assembly is necessary in the development of the theatre as a unique art form, and is at the heart of its contemporary relevance.

Company Overview

The Alchemical Theatre is the resident acting company at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory on W. 14th St. in New York City. 

artistic director - Carlo Altomare - 
company manager - Gia Lisa Krahne -
the company - Chelsey Clime - Andrew Greer - Gia Lisa Krahne - Zebedee J. Row - Kyle Ryan - Katarina Vizina


We are an association of actors dedicated to a new and emerging form of our art which speaks to the contemporary sensibilities of our public, of our audience. We believe that acting is the art par excellence of our times and that the theatre as a living art can open the doors of perception so vital to the challenges of our historic moment. 

Keeping in mind this commitment to meaningful and creative public assembly, we are engaged in a process of study and research regarding the techniques of our art, the subject matter of our plays, and forms of mise-en-scène which can distinguish the meaning of the theatre as a most vital contemporary artform. 

Beyond the rehearsal process of our current productions, we maintain a growing extended company which engages in training and research into acting technique including Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, “Jazz Acting,” and various forms of physical training. These training sessions also culminate in a bi-monthly public performance of The Alchemical Actors Salon. Interested actors may contact us at info@alchemicaltheatre.com for audition and interview.